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Algansee Township is situated on the eastern border of Branch County. The township was formed from Quincy Township by the Legislature on April 2, 1838. It is believed that Luther Stiles and Ludovicus Robbins were the first white permanent settlers in the territory now known as Algansee Township. Although total strangers, by a curious coincidence, both moved their families into the township on the same day. The Rev. Robbins led, but became mired in the mud, and Stiles passed him, thus by an hour or so, Mr. Stiles appears to be the original settler. 

The first township meeting and election were held at the house of Horace Purdy early in May 1838. The settlers at the time wished to call their new township ” Carlton,” but the Legislature at this time was much interested in “Indian names,” or what they thought were Indian names. As a matter of fact, this appears to be another Schoolcraft creation, and has no meaning in the Indian tongues of the time and place. More Algansee history…

Board of Review

Public Notice Algansee Township

July Board of Review July 21st, 2020 2 to 3 pm at the Algansee Township Hall 378 S Ray Quincy RD

The July Board of Review will meet and review items per MCI.211.53b in reference to clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact, Principle Residencce Exemptions, and Poverty and veteran Exemptions. July Board Changes require that the assessor be in agreement thus contact Assessor Erica Ewers at 517-639-9074 if you have an item that falls in the above categories prior to the July Board of Review.

This year due to the covid 19 and in accordance with Executive Order 2020-87, the July Board of Review will also hear appeals that would be handled by the March Board of Review per MCL.211.30 of the General Property Tax Act. Appeals can only be filed for the 2020 tax year and are for new appeals only. Anyone who previously appealed to the MBOR is not eligible for the rehearing.

Appeals may be submitted in person but due to the social distancing requirements will be done by appointment by call the Township Assessor at Eric Ewers,  at  517-639-9074 to schedule a time by July 18.

Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the Assessor 48 hours in advance. 

This notice is being posted;  July 12, 2020.

Russell Jennings, Algansee Township  Supervisor 


Call MISSDIG 811

STOP, before you dig call miss dig at 811 or visit elocate.missdig811.org. Its the law its fast and free.

Any projects that require digging call 811. Projects include decks, trees or shrubs, signs, mailbox’s, room additions, landscape, fences. 

New Algansee Library Hours

New library Hours, Closed Mondays, Tuesdays 12pm to 5pm, Wednesdays 11am to 5pm, Thursdays 12pm to 5pm, Fridays 11am to 5pm, Saturdays 9am to 1pm.


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