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  1. Notice of Township Board Meeting to be Held Electronically

Please take notice that the Algansee Board will be holding there meeting Monday March 1st at 7:30pm. The public may participate through Zoom by access of computer or or phone using the following link:

Meeting ID: 7744337756

Password :None

Toll Free Number: 1-312-6266799

The public will be able to speak at the meeting during the public comment portion of meeting. Comment will be limited to three minutes per person.

If members of the public have questions or wish to provide input on any business, such person may contact Township Clerk at 517-238-4798 or agary9080@gmail.com


Algansee Township is situated on the eastern border of Branch County. The township was formed from Quincy Township by the Legislature on April 2, 1838. It is believed that Luther Stiles and Ludovicus Robbins were the first white permanent settlers in the territory now known as Algansee Township. Although total strangers, by a curious coincidence, both moved their families into the township on the same day. The Rev. Robbins led, but became mired in the mud, and Stiles passed him, thus by an hour or so, Mr. Stiles appears to be the original settler. 

The first township meeting and election were held at the house of Horace Purdy early in May 1838. The settlers at the time wished to call their new township ” Carlton,” but the Legislature at this time was much interested in “Indian names,” or what they thought were Indian names. As a matter of fact, this appears to be another Schoolcraft creation, and has no meaning in the Indian tongues of the time and place. More Algansee history…



Algansee Township needs members for the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals. Applicants must be residents of Algansee Township. If interested please send resume to Ann Gary 145 Lake shore DR, Coldwater MI 49036, or agary9080@gmail.com

Application deadline February 26th, 2021. 

New Algansee Library Hours

New library Hours, Closed Mondays, Tuesdays 12pm to 5pm, Wednesdays 11am to 5pm, Thursdays 12pm to 5pm, Fridays 11am to 5pm, Saturdays 9am to 1pm.


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